Self-view lag in Teams meeting

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Dear Community,


I have a very strange issue in Microsoft Teams Meetings.


My self view video starts lagging immediatly after someone joins the meeting (when I'm alone in the "room" it's fine). The video seems to be fine on the receiver's end but on my end I see myself with really heavy lags.


Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to rectify it?




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The Teams App can be resource hungry on occasions.  Do you know if the other participants notice a drop in the quality of your video feed when in the meeting with you or is this just something you see yourself? 



I just asked, they said the quality if fine and I also saw it on my colleague's computer when we made a test in the office. The lag only exist on my computer (which is a Lenovo X1 extrem 2nd gen) - so should have enough resource... however this still happens.


Funnily I see everyone else's video perfectly, only my small self view window lags.



Hmm, logically this has to be something with the device then I'm thinking.  All Windows updates applied?



Yes all updates are installed when they come out. It is a fairly strange issue indeed..