End Team meeting can attendees still chat?

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I am a teacher who has reoccurring meetings for my classes. If I "End Meeting" and all the students have been set as attendees and the lobby is turned on,  can the students continue to use the chat feature for that meeting?

Obviously, I am hoping the answer is no. There would be no way to monitor it. 

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Ending meetings only terminates the connected users A/V portion of a meeting, the other parts of the meeting will still function.

Only way at this moment in time to really not have a chat while doing meetings is utilizing Live Events for your classes, however there are some limitations in the tenant for these for concurrent live events, but to my knowledge that is the only current way to restrict chat, but this also will restrict you from interacting with students outside of QA when using Live Events, so probably not a good solution if that's a requirement.

@teacher1400 This may not be applicable, certainly not if you want your students to be able to chat during meetings, but I just want to add to the previous reply that there's a meeting policy called "Allow chat in meetings".


The associated policy parameter:


Specify if users will be able to chat in meetings. Possible values are: Disabled, Enabled.


For reference. 

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you for that information. Do we have to turn of chat at the account level (district level) or is there a way by user or each teams meeting? 

I would really recommend adding this feature. Teachers are very frustrated with chat. Students are chatting during class on other chats.  It makes everyone want to go back to Zoom. Thank you. 

@teacher1400 Hi Lucy, it's a "per-organizer" setting and you control it with Teams meeting policy. For example you can assign a policy with this parameter to individuals that have the need to disable chat in their meetings.

Yeah, my response was in regards to the only way you can do it per meeting, in bec064 option will do it for ALL meetings per user level, there isn't any in between other than those two options. The issue is, if you take the ability away from them in the class room to chat, they are just going to revert to Text groups, or other means while sitting there. Throw some pop quizzes on em, they will start listening when their grades tank ;).
Hey Chris! AFAIK it’s per organizer? So you could just create a new meeting policy with the chat disabled and assign it to the ”organizers” so that their meetings do not have chat enabled. Or am I missing something? (on mobile).
The policy is under participants and effects the user with the policy only not the meeting itself, I just tested to confirm, restricting meeting chat is for anyone with the policy won't be able to chat. Even if they create the meeting they cannot chat but others can.

@Chris Webb Thanks for testing! Will probably do the same. But..

"Allow chat in meetings

This is a per-organizer policy. This setting controls whether meeting chat is allowed in the user's meeting."


How can they call it per-organizer with that description. Makes no sense (not to me at least).


Let me just add to that:


"When you implement a per-organizer policy, all meeting participants inherit the policy of the organizer."

@Chris Webb Good morning! (over here). Could it be an misunderstanding between us? To be honest I didn't understand your previous reply.


Anyway, today when I have some time over I will do some testing as it says that "all participants inherit the organizers policy", in this case the disabling of chat. I have created and assigned a new meeting policy with the parameter disabled and will wait for it to take effect, which usually takes quite some time.

Will let you know the outcome :)

@Chris Webb Hey, testing done. Same result as you've got. Have opened a GitHub for some answers

@Chris Webb FYI, the page has now been updated!



This is a per-participant setting. This setting controls whether meeting chat is allowed in the user's meeting.



This is a per-organizer policy. This setting controls whether meeting chat is allowed in the user's meeting.


'Allow chat in meetings'

@ChristianBergstrom How do I set this new setting? The link only took me to the roles. 

@teacher1400 Hi Lucy! Look at my first reply in this conversation. Chris and I had a bit of "misunderstanding" :) as the MS docs said "per-organizer" (as I mentioned to you) when it in facts is "per-user". I had to do some testing and then I submitted an issue. They have updated that MS docs page now hence my reply to Chris who was first one doing the testing part.


So just to recap, you'll need to assign a policy with the -MeetingChatEnabledType parameter for the individuals that you'd like to completely remove the chat functionality in meetings. Bear in mind they will not be able to use the chat in all meetings.

@ChristianBergstrom I see. I was just really hoping that there was a new feature that I could turn chat on and off. I have kids chatting my entire lesson privately and I can't do anything about it. 

@teacher1400 Well, you can. But as previously mentioned you need to assign that policy to your students. Do note that the students won't be able to chat in any meetings.


You could perhaps ask your IT administrator for assistance with this?


See these as well @teacher1400 


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Hard mute students audio in a meeting (so they cannot unmute themselves) 

@teacher1400 Hello again Lucy! I just have to send the below link to you. It's the best compiled page I stumbled across when it comes to configuring settings and policies in Teams. Take a look and send it to your IT administrator as well!


'Keeping students safe while using Teams for distance learning'