previous guest user seeing Unknown User for all user and phone is not syncing chats.

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We had a guest account for a user, we then made a full account for her. Since shes had her account she can only see "Unknown User for the majority of users in all groups.

unknown users smaller.PNG


Also, She only sees one chat in her phone while there are 8 in her desktop client.


I think this has something to do with her previously having a guest account but I'm not sure what to do. I've tried deleting the cache multiple times and reinstalling Teams on both app and pc. I've also had her sign in/out on both multiple times.

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Unknown User looks to be a deleted account but from your post, it sounds like she's seeing people who are still in the organization and active listed as unknown user, too? Can you confirm her guest account was completely deleted and a new Member account created for her? You might have a look at this similar issue to see if it solves the issue (if you haven't already tried). If that doesn't work, I would recommend opening a support ticket with and they can help you further troubleshoot. Sorry for your troubles!