Outlook and teams calendar synchronization

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I use the MS Teams, signing in with my professional email address. I have the MS Teams plugin active in Outlook, as I can set up a meeting and it generates the links, and puts it in my Outlook calendar.

However, I don't see it in my Teams desktop app (or on the ios phone) and I also don't see in my outlook calendars the meetings scheduled on the Teams calendar. 

I am using Exchange for my emails, and have also checked the add-inn for Teams and is eneabled. Clearly Outlook is able to pull from my Teams account and set meetings, but outside of that, nothing gets updated in the calendar where it wasn't originally made.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi, difficult to say. Start by confirming all prerequisites?



You say you're using Exchange so cannot be Teams free. In that case you don't have to verify any further as the add-in won't work using that.