OCR for upload images in Teams?



back in the day when i was introduced to Teams, one of the highlights was that you could take a photo of something with text on it, upload it to teams and shortly after it would be OCR scanned so that you could search for textual content within that scanned image. I actually showcased this to colleagues to demonstrate the advantage of scanning paper invoices into a Team channel.

However, i uploaded some images the other day and when searching this morning for text that is clearly legible within the picture it doesn't find it.

I've even tried searching a PDF invoice just in case OCR didn't recognise text that was on a slant within a jpeg, but it doesn't find that either. Has this feature been withdrawn from Teams?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Indeed this is not a Teams feature, but a SharePoint one...I'm not aware of any change in here, but it should do what you have described
Thanks. Then i don't understand as i started with Teams way before SP (wrong way round i know) but we wanted an easy way to bring collaboration into the workplace, SP isn't easy, especially as MS keep messing with it on a daily basis, so Teams was the first to be implemented at user level.
Just don't know why the search function isn't working on OCR data.