Backup and restore a Teams private channel files?

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Does anyone know if there is a backup vendor that supports the backup of Teams Private Channel Files? We currently use SkyKick and they don't appear to support it though our MSP.


I found this article but also wanted to ask this community. 



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@Phu Ngo 

I know KeepIT supports it ( but you (actually the private channel owner) must add the account used for backup as a member of the private channel. This is due to the fact the backup system cannot automatically add that account as it would on regular SharePoint sites.

I think the same method applies to most cloud-to-cloud backup solutions. We use Barracuda and I am just now trying this out.

This of course puts quite a bit of responsibility on the private channel owner so clear communication about this will be key to avoid discussions later on if for some reason a private channel got deleted accidentally and the backup account was not added.


I will post the result of manually adding the backup account as a member of the private channel on our Barracuda solution tomorrow.

@Phu Ngo  , apologies for the delayed result feedback.

It didn't work applying the same technique for Barracuda C2C backup but I reached out to them and backup of private channels is on the roadmap but currently with no fixed ETA.

I haven't tested or checked on any other backup vendors.

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@Steve Hernou Thanks for the reply. I don't know about any other vendors but we ended up with Veaam Backup for Office 365. They do support it and it appears like another Sharepoint site.


Does Veeam Support cloud to cloud backup or do you need to use your own hardware?

@Sascha Banz We used Veaam Backup Office 365. Created a Azure VM from their template, modified it a bit and backup to our cloud Azure storage account. You do have the option to store it locally as well. You pay for the Veaam license (per user) but still need to figure out how much storage you need based on backup size, retention, etc. that will determine your overall pricing.  Alternatively you can see if your MSP can provide the service.

This answer is wrong! Veeam can not support private channel backups - please check the documentation:

@The365Guy You are right. When we looked last year, that doc link did not mentioned not being able to backup private channel. That was added some time later.