NDI usage in "Live Events" for Teams

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I am super happy with the implementation of NDI in Teams, it's a great way to amp up production quality. Now in one case, we are having more than 20 active participants/panelists. Will it be possible to use the NDI stream output for the Live Events as well?


The Live Events producer lacks some settings, I'm not 100% sure if that is due to admin policy or just me looking in the wrong place. For example I haven't found the option to host a Q&A or vote in the Producer View.


The idea is to invite 22 people as contributors in the Live Event, capture their camera input and display them on a large video wall for the local participants. Best case Scenario would be using NDI for independent outputs. Worst case: I need to stream the main event screen to said video wall. But I would really like the large wall to be filled with all participants. The up and downstream capacity should not be an issue, since we're well connected.



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Could you use regular Teams meeting, then use NDI to pull the Together mode view which will already have all your presenters together, you can then send that to an external screen (check out using OBS with a 'projector') and feed that into a Live Event.


Live Events currently doesn't have a polling option, it's coming with the new overflow meeting capabilities later this year.

@Steven CollierHey Steven!


Thanks for the suggestion. If I remember correctly, 20 is the maximum members in a call in Teams, so hosting it in a regular session will not be sufficient for 22(external)+1(onsite teams instance with local guests) participants. Just do be clear, NDI isn't available in Live Events or do I need to make a specific setting in the console to activate it?


We do have access to microphones, cameras, A/V mixers, encoders, vMix and a high-speed local and remote connection. Since the interaction between all participants has to be possible, even if difficult, I was hoping the Live Events / Town Hall configuration would be the way to go.


The polling can be done via external apps, it would more of a nice-to-have than a dealbreaker.



In a Teams produced Live Event you could have 250 peoducers/presenters in the call, but you can only select from the 10 who last spoke to put them in the queue or live. In practice this makes producing the event really hard, so it's best to keep to 10 producers/presenters.


The Live Event meeting will produce NDI output if you have the option available in the client, but perhaps won't offer the Together Mode aggregate view, I haven't checked.


I expect there is also a limit to the number of NDI streams that can be sent at once out of the client, but can't find any documentation that states the figure. 


My suggestion would be to use one laptop to host a regular meeting and produce an NDI output and another to host the Live Event, something to mix it how you like then use the NDI Virtual Input from the SDK to provide audio/video into the Live Event running on another machine. 

@Steven Collier @koffeinvampir  we did some test and we use a regular ms teams meeting with the presenter connected to that meeting. Activate the NDI in ms teams settings under autorisation. create the live event and active streaming from another app. then use OBS (free open source software) that is connected to the regular ms teams meeting, and you set background, select 3 participants or less or more to be shown at the same time or any other layout you want and it is sent to the LE. There is some video on youtube that explain how to setup with OBS...  I think it is in microsoft teams roadmap to add multiple camera view at a time in a LE, but I don't know when it will be available. 

Microsoft, please bring back NDI for MS Teams Live events. This feature is too critical to be dropped, and it is worrisome that the community was not informed before it was dropped. Can we please have an eta on the reinstatement of this feature. I saw some comments that it would be rolled out later in the year, but have not seen it yet.

I would add another vote to adding NDI back to Live Events.  I waited 2-3 months to even have access to NDI after my admin added it.  Once I finally got it I discovered it didn't work on Live Events.  We have been running public meetings with Live Events and I need NDI to produce something with more than one video for discussions.  I might have to convince my organization to present to the public on a different platform.  Please fix this for one of the most obvious uses of NDI.

Has anything changed on this front yet to make NDI available on Teams Live Event?

@Asif Kazi Sorry I didn't post an update.  Not long after my last post on this in February, I was able to use NDI for Live Events.  I can not speak to if this is still possible though as the meeting that I had been regularly live streaming went back to in person only in May.