Multiple "Name was invited to the meeting" in the Teams Meeting Chat

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We held a large communication meeting using a Teams meeting yesterday. I saw a behavior in the Chat that I had not seen before. As people joined the meeting the following message appeared in the Chat for many of them (see attached image):


[last name, first name] was invited to the meeting.


There were over 200 instances of this in the meeting Chat and it had a way of "cluttering" the information. Does anyone know why this happened and how it can be avoided?


One thought I have is that the invite list was a mixture of direct invites and members of distribution lists. If someone joined after being invited from a distribution list, did it cause this behavior?Teams-Meeting-Chat.png

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We had one distribution list that was not expanded in the Outlook invite. It turns out that all of the names that appeared in the Chat as "[Name] was invited to the meeting" were members of this non-expanded distribution list. In the future, we will expand the Distribution List to eliminate these messages.

Is there a way to turn-off these notifications?