Microsoft teams "Apps" button is gone.

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My Teams "Apps" button at the left bottom corner of the app itself has disappeared from both desktop and web clients and I can't browse or install new apps anymore. I'm the owner of the workspace and didn't change any settings, It was there a week ago!

I would appreciate your help on this!

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Hi, if you are the administrator as it sounds like, please can you check in the Teams admin center the following policy settings? 


Teams apps > Permission policies, and check the policy settings that apply to you as shown below.


Screenshot 2020-10-11 at 19.34.46.png

Thanks for your reply. I have an issue logging into the admin center, I created my account a couple of years ago with my personal email, and it says email cannot be personal and I should enter a work/school email, so I can't access admin center with my primary personal email marked as "Owner" in my Tams user roles.
We are on Teams Free and do not have access to the Admin Center. The Apps button is gone and we can no longer search for any apps that weren't already installed.