Settings reset after Windows restart

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Hi ,


everytime I change some settings it come back after Windows restart. I read online to delete all files inside folder %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams but I am afraid to loose my Contact list, participation in Teams, pinned chats, etc.

Is there any other option?


Please find examples of settings, which I would like to keep, but they reset back after restart.






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Hi @GP4748,


Not sure about the Location example but it stands to reason that if you have reset it would need to be told that it can use location services on your device again.


The new meeting experience, I think this is just a quirk until it is fully baked in as for example if I sign out of my client and in with another account and even then sign out and back with the account where it was checked, I always have to recheck the meeting experience option and restart. However I am not too concerned about this option because this is just a temp option and you will not ultimately have to check this option as the new meeting experience will just become the meeting experience.


In terms of things like Contacts you shouldn't have to worry about this as that is essentially based on your Outlook Contacts, so doing a local reset should be fine.


When you say pinned chats. I am expecting chats to still remain but is it literally the fact that chats you pinned are no longer pinned but the chats are still there?


I would also want to find out more as to why you need to reset as it shouldn't be something you need to constantly in my experience.





Hello @HenryPhillipsNimbitech,


When I started my laptop today and checked the Settings, it stayed how I set it up yesterday, but I didn't change anything and I didn't delete any files in App data. I would say problem is solved.


Location is not turn on anymore and the new meeting experience is on (as you mentioned this option will become meeting experience).


Settings were reseting by itself without me helping it. So thats why I wanted to clear App cache and set up everything again from scratch.


Thank you.

Ah, I see. One thing worth bearing in mind is that if using Teams within an Org there are certain setting that can be controlled via policies.



HELP SOMEONEEE  my application thingie isn't showing up


P.S. I am on a school computer and I'm a student from Laureate Park Elementary

That means since my application thingie from settings isn't showing up then I cannot do Large gallery mode to see all my classmates, I tried adding the Desktop app but, my school administration doesn't allow it and I get notified this by a little notification