Microsoft teams message copy and paste issue with space Garbage characters add in space

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When we copy and paste message with some space, the garbage characters add in space. Which lead some confusion we need to remove all space and add space later

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I have the same issue and my entire team is seeing this.



Go to settings and change your "Chat Density" to compact. That will remove spaces when you copy\pasta


I tried it and copied to two different places and still has spaces in between lines. I copied from outside teams as well and no issues, only issues when I copy from teams log to outside of it. and Yes,  I closed and exited out of teams (logoff as well) and back on and checked to see if same option and it was. The option seems to back to Comfy instead of Compact after logging off and on. But I set it to Compact and holds it from just closing it. Not sure what is going on. 

You will not see such issue easily.
Example: If you are copy paste any query from chat to Oracle Toad. Query has some space so oracle will not consider as space it considers as invalid character for space. This is not case initially as I am using same version of oracle. Might issue with others tools too.