Work hours setup in Outlook are seen in Teams when setting up a new meeting

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I have internal invites that live in different timezones.  When I schedule a meeting in Teams, the invitee shows they are available.  They are not.  In outlook, you can define work hours, which prevents meetings to be set up after work for some of the east coast team.  Is there a fix?  

In outlook, the schedules reflect work hours but Teams does not.  I prefer setting up meetings in teams, but it looks like that is not an option.

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When creating a meeting from within Teams, you can switch to the Scheduling Assistant tab, then toggle the "view my work hours" in the top right corner. It's not the same thing technically, but it's the best you can get with Teams.

@VasilMichev  I appreciated that you took the time to respond.  I am already using that function.  I will revert to Outlook for now to schedule meetings until they add the feature in teams.

@denisecmoon I have the same issue. It is really annoying as I do not use the outlook app but schedule all my meetings within Teams.  As my colleagues are spread worldwide ensuring that meetings occur during work hours is challenging.  

Have you managed to find out how to ensure you only see people as available inside their work hours?

I can find nothing about this on Microsoft's so-called 'help' pages!

But that will only work for people inside your org, right? So if you need to include a client, vendor or anyone else outside your org, scheduling assistant won't show their availability?

@Star-D yes, it would be impossible Teams to know the availability of someone outside your organisation as the privacy settings prevent that.

However, it should not be difficult for Microsoft to ensure that Teams shows people's work hours for people inside your organisation as this feature is already available in Outlook. The issue is why this is not available in Teams (for those of us who do not use Outlook)!

Thought so, thanks for confirming.
100% agree.
It's been two years since this post. Any updates from Microsoft on when Teams will recognize available work hours that are set in Outlook for other users to see when booking meetings?

Teams does have the checkbox for myself to show or hide available work hours when I'm booking a meeting but does not read those values from other attendees on the invite list.