Microphone automatically mutes when called User picks up

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I have a weird issue with one teams user. Whenever he calls someone via Teams (no PSTN), and the called person picks up, the Mic of the user that called gets automatically muted. 

It does not happen, when he gets called, and it also only seems to be happening when using the Desktop Client.

I tried clearing his Cache which resolved the issue for a few days before it reoccured. Reinstalling the Client also did not help.

I saw this post -> https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/1-1-calls-user-is-muted-as-soon-as-pstn-ringi... which might be related, since there are a lot of recent complaints. 


I am thankful for any advice.

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Unfortunately not, there seems to be an issue with certain Bluetooth Audio Devices with Teams. The problem only occured some time ago, but the device has been used with Teams for a longer period. Other threads also have an increase in complaints about muted Bluetooth devices when entering calls.

To unmute yourself while on a call, try dialing * and then 6 on your phone. @ToniS290