Visualising TEams Shared Channels

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A customer of mine requested the use of a lot of shared channels. I'm starting to lose sight of how everything was set up.
I was looking for a way to visualise all these connections, but I cannot find a report.

Does anyone know of a way how to do this? Preferably automated.

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Maybe you want to give it a try to the Teams with the most external user and guest activity report in Teams Admin Center


The Teams with the most external user and guest activity card shows you which teams in your organization have the most collaboration with guests and external shared channel users for the last 7 or 30 days. You can select View details to see the team names and the sent message count for each team


Advanced collaboration analytics for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

@Andres Gorzelany Then, to list all shared channels, you will have to script it or use an example, found you this one