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Is it possible to invite an external person as a presenter. And if so can he choose between downloaden the app and open the event via the web? The invitation is send as a public invite. so anyone with the link can attend the webinar.

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Yes, it is possible to invite external users and guest users as presenters in a live event. A presenter needs the desktop client to present in a live event.

If it is a public event anyone with the link can attend and view the meeting without signing in.
Thank you Linus for your quick response and good answer.

@Linus Cansby I have read through your information, and we have followed the instructions, but we are not able to make the external person a presenter. She is only able to attend the meeting as a regular guest. She is using a Mac, with Office365 installed, but when she is trying to log on to the Teams app, nothing happens.   

Any advice on how to solve this?

@KristineMC I haven't tested on a Mac but I guess that should work anyway. Is she an external user or a guest user in your tenant? 

Hi @Linus Cansby 
She is an external user, and not part of our AD og Azure. 

@KristineMC Ok, any problems to sign in to her own Teams organisation? Or is only when she tries to connect to the Live Event meeting you invited to?

@Linus Cansby She is a freelancer, and is not part of a Teams organisation. 

@KristineMC Okay, then you should invite her as an Guest user. So invite her to a Team and she will get an guest account in your tenant.

@Linus Cansby Does the external user need to have a Microsoft license that includes Teams? Or an office license period? If they don't have this will they still be able to be invited as a presenter? 

I haven't tested that. But since a guest doesn't need a license you should be able to invite them as a guest. But if you invite them as external user (not guest in one of your teams) then they will need a license in their own organisation.

@Thijs Versteeg  Just looking at this myself and this is what I think is the situation at the moment. Yes you can invite an external presenter (that's the easy bit!) to a Teams Live Event. However, they cannot present if they are using the web app. They must use the Desktop app. They will need a MS account. You will need to invite them to a Team (this allows then to switch domains to attend the meeting!).

Hope this helps !

Happy to be proved wrong by those who know better ;)

@JohnKelly This is our experience as well.  If we want someone external to join as a presenter they need to be added to a team so a guest account is created, and make sure they are signed into teams desktop client with the account we added.


Even then it still sometimes doesn't work (they get added as an attendee) so the producer needs to call them from the meeting.


It's not an intuitive process, and most producers and presenters aren't technical people.

@Timothy White appreciate the update. Not experienced the "presenter as an attendee "

phenomenon. I now insist on 3 test runs before go live to get everything in sync (and as you say often the presenters are subject matter experts and not necessarily technical). I find at least one of the test runs becomes a training session on PPT. particularly Presenter View and which screen to share!


Really liking the captions in 6 languages.


I am having the same problem @KristineMC . Is there anyone at Microsoft that can help? @Linus Cansby 

Were you ever able to get this to work? I am desperately in need of help. @KristineMC 

Hello @BJ_Gray  


@JohnKelly  and @Timothy White have offered proper solutions above.  What type of response are you looking for from Microsoft?  Are you asking for actual technical support?

The solution is not working for me and I am not able to add external users as a guest. @ThereseSolimeno 

Okay @BJ_Gray   Our online Tech Support site is  I searched there for a similar issue to yours and found a multi-step solution they offered another user having the same issue:


If this and the suggestions in this post do not solve the issue, I highly recommend that you reach out to yourself for more tailored technical support.  Hope this helps.

Are you a Teams administrator? Being able to add guests is a setting that needs to be enabled in more than 1 place:

Also, what happens when you try to add a guest user?