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Company, what I'm responsible for, wants to disable all 3rd party applications in Teams. But before disabling, they want to know, if there's any used in any team. I've found, that I can check apps used in particular Team by providing Team ID and by using Graph API, but I need to check ALL Teams created in tenant for ALL 3rd party apps (or even any apps, I will determine which one is 3rd party one). I have full list of all teams available in my tenant. I need to know how to iterate API query for this list.

Could you please help me? :)

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@VasilMichev  thank you, I've used your idea to create my own solution - I used PowerAutomate (Flow) to generate output file.

Hi what is requested to handle this:
$client_secret = Get-Content .\ReportingAPIsecret.txt | ConvertTo-SecureString

I have a registered graph App in the tenant, but what is need to do in addition?
That's just an example on how to store the client secret in a more secure way, instead of pasting it in plain text in the script file. If you haven't worked with secure strings in PowerShell, check this article:
Or you can just replace all that code with your own preferred method to obtain a token.
Ok but even if i copy the secret key into the script it doesnt work for me
You have to replace the entire "get token" section. Like this:

$tenantID = ""
$appID = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"
$client_secret = "verylongsecurestring"

$body = @{
client_id = $AppId
scope = ""
client_secret = $client_secret
grant_type = "client_credentials"
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