Join Teams Meetings as anonymus



what options i need to set to allow my users as anonymus in teams meetings?
I know the teams meeting policy "Let anonymous people start a meeting", but is it required to set the policy "Automatically admit people" to Everyone as well for practical usecases?

The quicktip on the settings are not really clear about this topic.


Nevertheless, how long needs the setting to be active? I test it and also after 15 minutes i doesn't work as epexted (Doublecheck the policy per User and do testcases).



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This is a tenant level setting that needs to be enabled on the tenant hosting the meetings. If the tenant does not allow Anonymous meeting Join then no user trying to join meetings anonymously on that tenant will be able to do so
As already mention i know this setting, but the question was a bit different more around the depencie to other Meeting Policy settings
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@upfaffer Hello, it can take quite some time actually. Especially when toggling the anonymous settings. Just recently I had to wait like 12-24 hours.


There are basically three settings you should consider.

1. Anonymous users can join a meeting (Teams setting).

2. Anonymous users can start a meeting (Teams meeting policy).

3. The lobby setting that allows an anonymous user, Everyone, (Teams meeting policy or meeting option). The 'People I invite' will not work and put the anonymous user in the lobby (if not signed in).


If only allowing to join (1) they will be put in the lobby even though Everyone is set (3). When an authenticated user joins the meeting they will be let in automatically though.


If you allow both (1) and (2) an authenticated user doesn't have to join first for the anonymous user to enter the meeting, i.e. starting it. But the lobby option need to be put to Everyone.


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