left my previous employer and now I can't use Teams with my personal microsoft account!

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My previous employer uses O365, yet, as I recall, I had to use a personal microsoft account to install applications from the Microsoft Store.  But now I don't work there, and despite my former employer having deleted my O365 account, when I try to use Teams using my personal microsoft account, I get the error:

Someone has already set up Teams for your organization


My personal microsoft account uses an email address from my own personal domain name (microsoft@gaudrault.net), a domain name which is based on my family name and for which I have complete administrative control.  I've seen many other people getting this same error, but none of the suggestions help.  How can I determine what is causing Teams to give me this error?


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Hi@ThereseSolimeno , thanks for the links.  I'd seen the first one, and the suggestion is to use a different email address.  This would be a last resort for me, because it's my personal Microsoft account address that I use to log into one of my personal laptops, and I'd like to also use it to log into Teams.  It would be awkward to use two different addresses. 


The mistake I made was to use my own personal Microsoft account from my work computer, so now that account is somehow associated with my former employer's O365 subscription, I'm assuming, because I myself own and administer the domain I use for my personal Microsoft account email address (it's based on my family name).


The second link you provided refers to self-service signup resulting in unmanaged tenants.  In my case, the IT dept at my former employer assigned O365 licenses to everyone, and I happen to also use my personal microsoft account email so I could access both my work and personal content from the same machine.  I've asked the admin there for assistance, and he removed my license from O365 as well as deleted my company account, which had previously only been deactivated.  Several days later, it's still a problem.


How do I take back my own email address so that I can use it with Teams?



Same/Similar issue. Left previous employer, had used Teams on personal machine with employer credentials and now can't use Teams on my machine with my personal credentials. It launches, an error screen appears for only a second, I can see a message telling me to sign out, but the screen flashes to white and then nothing. 


I've successfully logged out and logged back in using the browser, but the desktop app will simply not allow me to proceed.


Followed your link above, tried to follow the instructions, but the browser also repeatedly attempts to sign in until it times out.

I've deleted, reinstalled, updated OS, searched forums and still nada.