Joining a Teams Call set up by someone outside your organisation

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Hi all

Just looking for some help. Has anyone come across not being able to get into a Teams meeting through your teams calendar, if the invite was sent by an external person to your organisation?


The workaround I have used is to go into outlook calendar and join the meeting there which in turn will open up Teams. It then connects fine. 


Is this a known problem with a fix?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe this may be a bug.  I've had similar experience when joining external meetings.


When I click on the main join link;


Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 19.26.38.png

then nothing will happen.


But when I scroll down the invite from within Teams and select this one;


Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 19.26.50.png

then it lets me in immediately with no problems.  I know many other people that have had the same issue.


Must admit I've never specifically looked into it or logged with Microsoft.  Have assumed it is a bug that will get corrected somewhere along the line. At least there is a decent workaround.