Call wont even even with no members in

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Hello! I'm having an issue where an empty call refuses to end, no matter what I do. When I reload the Team where this "ghost call" is still going it will first mark it as empty, and then show my profile picture in it; I've already gone into the call to make sure there's no one in it (I'm not the Team Organizer, but I have permission to kick people from calls), and from the DMs I've seen, other people are having this issue too. I also logged out and logged back in, to no change.

Is there any way to end this call, or will Teams just end it after a certain amount of time (if the system even does that)?

EDIT: Got into the "Ghost call" with the Team owner and she couldn't see the "End Meeting" option that should appear in More Options, completely at a loss. Furthermore, she commented she couldn't even see the call.
Any help massively appreciated.

EDIT 2: Team owner got in the call a 2nd time and managed to end it with the "End Meeting" button, which for some reason decided to appear that 2nd time she joined. Still, no idea what happened, any explanation welcomed.

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