Join a Teams Meeting by URL Directly from the App

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Is there a way to join a meeting directly within the App from a link?  I have access to Android (preferred) and desktop Mac apps.


I often get a link emailed to me as plaintext.  I regularly have issues with the browser opening the App.  This is usually prevalent when I'm mobile, about 50% of my day (throughput <500kbit/s often <100kbit/s, and massive latency and jitter where RTT is >500milliseconds and in the worst situations can be 2 to 3 seconds); in the office or at home, the browser tends to work like a charm either opening the meeting in the app or presenting the meeting itself.  I've found that if I can at least eventually connect to the meeting, even with 100k/s throughput at 3sec RTT and 500millisec jitter the audio is awful but minimally sufficient to at least listen-in.


I'm trying to see if there's a way to at least be able to join a meeting from the app when it's 2min before meeting start, I don't have time to futz with the browser, and I'm not a member of the channel or team or chat or however the remote party organized the meeting.

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Hi @weylin_piegorsch  When you're in the mobile app, do you see the meeting in the calendar?  There should be a link there (or am I missing something in your question?).  There is also this document, but you probably already know these instructions: Join a Teams meeting (


I'd like to clarify - this is for a URL that is IM'd (via another colab tool like WhatsAp or Google Hangouts or Webex or...), or emailed, or txt'd, or written on my hand, or through some other mechanism outside of a calendar invite.  All I have available is the URL, and would like to open directly in Teams without needing the browser to assist.

@weylin_piegorschyou can go to calendar, and then click on "join with an id", and just paste your meeting url there, it worked for me from the electron linux client.