Join a Teams Meeting by URL Directly from the App

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Is there a way to join a meeting directly within the App from a link?  I have access to Android (preferred) and desktop Mac apps.


I often get a link emailed to me as plaintext.  I regularly have issues with the browser opening the App.  This is usually prevalent when I'm mobile, about 50% of my day (throughput <500kbit/s often <100kbit/s, and massive latency and jitter where RTT is >500milliseconds and in the worst situations can be 2 to 3 seconds); in the office or at home, the browser tends to work like a charm either opening the meeting in the app or presenting the meeting itself.  I've found that if I can at least eventually connect to the meeting, even with 100k/s throughput at 3sec RTT and 500millisec jitter the audio is awful but minimally sufficient to at least listen-in.


I'm trying to see if there's a way to at least be able to join a meeting from the app when it's 2min before meeting start, I don't have time to futz with the browser, and I'm not a member of the channel or team or chat or however the remote party organized the meeting.

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Hi @weylin_piegorsch  When you're in the mobile app, do you see the meeting in the calendar?  There should be a link there (or am I missing something in your question?).  There is also this document, but you probably already know these instructions: Join a Teams meeting (