Teams document links only open in browser not in app

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I cannot find a way to change my settings so that document- or folder-links sent in emails open directly in the teams app and not my browser. In my previous workplace this just happened automatically, but in my new job (new PC and new settings) all links sent in emails created by clicking "copy link" in teams app seem to open in the browser even though I have the app installed and opened.


I see there are some old threads on this topic, but they are not helpful and I'm hoping that there is some easy settings solutions that I just don't see.. 

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How about changing the file opening defaults. Check my mate Nate’s article here

Let me know how you get on. Hope that answers your question. If it doesn’t it could still be using the old share links experience. Try updating teams, or getting it into preview which has the modern share file experience. That generates modern share links like SharePoint/OneDrive which should open in the app. 

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 

Thank you for your respons! My problem is not opening documents directly in apps. If I receive or send an email with a link to a teams document or folder, it will open in the browser even though my default setting is open in apps like you suggest. I would like these sharing links to open in the Teams app (not office app) instead of the browser version of teams. I don't understand why it keeps opening a browser version when I have the teams app installed and open. 

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Hi Kamilla, 


Sure I get you. AFAIK it's because sharing links no longer Teams based links, they are full SharePoint links because Teams has fully aligned to the SharePoint/OneDrive sharing experience. When you used to do sharing links, it was designed to go within Teams. A sharing link today will be something like '' which will automatically trigger to go via a browser session because SharePoint is browser based. 


If this is something you want to see reintroduced I would personally raise a feedback uservoice at


Hope that provides an answer to your question


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard do you know if there is any update on this front? This is a super annoying process. I just want to open an email link *from Teams* that notifies me a colleague has responded *in Teams* to open in the native desktop app, namely...."Microsoft Teams."

Progress on this front?