Import .csv to TEAMS Meeting in Outlook

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Hi- I am charting out a bunch of Outlook calendar invites using the CSV to Outlook "import" function however I can only get the meetings to show up as appointments, and I'd like to automatically make them TEAMS meetings (and populate the required/optional attendees from the CSV as well.) Is this possible?

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No, that's not possible, sorry. If you want to create meetings programmatically, take a look at the Graph API endpoint:

That's a shame as I know it would make life much easier for the team I work with. We use Teams to deliver training to multiple customers and so to ensure confidentiality, we have to create a teams meeting for the first set of delegates and then create a new meeting for the second one and copy all the details across and so on.
I could potentially have nine different customers on the same session and so this is a huge amount of extra work.
Having the ability to load Teams meetings from a CSV template or to duplicate a Teams meeting would make my life so much easier.
Or just being able to BCC attendees would solve my problem