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I have encountered few issues in Team which I am unable to resolve and request guidance .


1. I have added a new colleague to the organisation in M365 admin centre in the users section. However , the user cannot send meeting invite  Teams does not provide the Calender icon to set the meeting .

2. When I open the Teams calendar invite , I am unable to attach a document from MacOS .There is link attachment but it does not browse through the MacOS folder and only accepts web url..Attached for more details .

3. When adding the invite list , the internal employees email id does not appear in the list and I have manually type email id as guest in the invite ..There is no option of auto-drop down of internal or frequently used email ids.


Would appreciate your kind inputs.

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 18.36.50.png

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The Team issue for the MacOS insert link seems very critical as t does not allow to attach a document .