How to prevent Teams sprawl

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Hi any advice or pointers to articles that would help with planning the rollout of Teams. I would like to understand the pros and cons of locking down Teams site creation.

How much of an issue is Teams sprawl and what if any are the information management risks with leaving all users with the ability to create at will.


Would really like to the arguments from both sides.

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There are tons of articles about Teams Governace but I would recommend you to start with Microsoft Documentation you can find here: and here
The worst thing about Teams sprawl is that people create the sprawl then blame IT when they can't find the information/files/chat/whatever they want! Personally, I would only give single individuals within a department the ability to create Teams, with an approval required by the department head. Nothing wrong with creating a simple request/approval workflow (e.g. Power Automate), but that little step has a big impact on sprawl in my experience.

thanks for the advice