How to open the teams online meeting URL immediately with a browser?




I want to open the online meeting url directly through a browser.


url like... long long url


Currently, you have to choose whether to use a desktop app or a browser when you click url.

If refer to this link, will be able to open with the Teams app so that they can participate in the meeting without a selection window. "msteams" instead of "https"

However, when you open a link through a browser, you always have to choose whether to use the browser or the Teams app.

Is there a good way to open it with a browser without the selection window?



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Hi @BoHyun 

See a related post here: Is there a way to always open Teams meetings on the browser? - Microsoft Tech Community

I noticed when a user clicks on the meeting join link in Outlook, then it will open in my web browser first. Anyway, it appears that many users prefer to Join a meeting without going through the browser – Microsoft Teams UserVoice.