Forms error in Org Wide Team


Screenshot 2020-10-15 105802.png

This error showed up in  the General Channel on an Organization Wide Team.  We do not have Forms setup for this Teams.

Any ideas?  The Cid makes me think this is a false error but would like to know what it is since my VP brought it to my attention.

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@Jason Maclauchlan Hi, considering the info that you don't even have Forms enabled I would probably  open up a support ticket with the official support to get a proper answer/analyze. I have not seen it before, but it reminds a lot of when posting a quick poll for example and then going to deleting it. Then it generates a error message from Forms that it does not exist instead of an error has occurred.

@Jason Maclauchlan 
Hi :) We also get the same error. But I found out that these errors just appear, when the creator of the poll, has deleted the automatically generated answer message from forms.
I mean this one:
Ohne Titel.png

If the creator do not delete it, we get not error messages. But in any case, the answers have delivered correctly.

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