Excel app in Teams shows blank page

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We are experiencing this on every client.




We have tried deleting Teams from AppData and updating Office 365 but without success.

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Hello, is the same happening for you using Teams Web?

Yes, unfortunately.





@Andres Gorzelany 



Was Excel maybe disabled in the App Permission policy?

It doesn't look like



@Andres Gorzelany 

When I open excel in new window I can see the app until I try to resize it in anyway. Looks like scaling issue
What I usually do in these cases is enable Browser developer tools and see what is happening with the http requests, if there is any error or sign whatsoever

Thanks, good idea.
I see a lot of errors in browser console 



In requests i see only 1 error



@Andres Gorzelany 

I can't identify anything in particular,
Do you have the chance to test on another computer with the same account?
Thanks for reply,
We have checked that this is account dependent. Some accounts works fine some doesnt.
Ok that's a pattern right there

Can you check the license for this user and service plans? is SharePoint enabled for this user?
All users have the same license and applications. Sharepoint is enabled for everyone. There is a 1 second blink of excel screen at te startup and then it dissaperas. When I opened it in new window it worked for few clicks in small window. After I tried to resize window its bugged again and no longer works.