Forcing Teams meeting reminders to go to a shared calendar

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A workplace I'm assisting at has recently moved across from google workspace to Exchange and has lost the ability to replicate a workflow they were following on the previous system.


Their preference is to use a shared calendar to store calendar reminders and teams meeting reminders for all employees, so that when certain people are absent, others are able to see what meetings they had and reschedule or stand in etc.

The previous workflow went like this:

  • Employee receives invite to teams meeting
  • Employee accepts invite to teams meeting and the reminder that they will be present in this meeting is placed in the shared calendar, saying eg "Monday Meeting - email address removed for privacy reasons"
  • All employees can now view that this person will be at this meeting at this time in form of calendar entry on shared calendar.


Now that the workplace has moved to Exchange when accepting a teams meeting invitation via email the reminder is automatically placed in their personal calendar, no option to move it to the shared calendar. The personal calendars were also never a thing back on google workspace which has irritated many employees now that its there and is defaulting for all accepted meeting invitations.

Is there a way to replicate this in teams?

My only idea to fix this is having the teams meeting itself in the shared calendar, which would show who has accepted the meeting, however when creating a teams meeting there is no option to place it in a shared calendar, can this be automated?

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I think the only way you could do this is place a flow on the outlook calendar. But you have to test this out.

Another thing may be a channel meeting but still you would need to catch the accept of the attendees..