Error message window too small

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When I try to upload a file in MS Teams chat, I sometimes get an error.

But the error message gets cut off because of the size of the error message window, and I can never read what the actual error is.


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Hello, by any chance you've been zooming in the Teams interface and/or adjusted other display settings? You can reset the Zoom in Teams under your profile in the top right corner. You can also collect the Teams logs but that seems a bit cumbersome perhaps. Try the previous suggestion and if no difference perhaps you should start with a manual sign out, and if no change remove and reinstall the desktop app (or clear the Teams cache).

Thank you for the log file idea. I found it at "/home/janis/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft Teams/logs.txt". I'm not really sure what to look for though. I don't think the error message appears there. The several files I tried to upload now succeeded, so, I'll check the log file the next time I encounter the upload problem.

Yes, I've zoomed in the content a bit, but I don't believe it affects the small notification window I'm talking about – it's the error message window in the right bottom corner of my screenshot. (If I click on the screenshot, the image in the popup gets cut off half way, maybe that's why you didn't see it. You either have to click the maximize icon there, or look at the embedded image in the post, not clicking on it.)