Does the Org-Wide option being removed from Teams admin center?

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Hello guys,


I'm wondering does the Org-Wide option being removed from Teams admin center already?

I saw some of the options being removed to another categories...




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Well... this tweet does not have the answer I want...
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Hello, you are correct. The left navigation bar in TAC has been adjusted and the Org-wide settings section is removed, so for ex. Guest access and External access is instead under Users, Holidays under Voice etc.

Thanks for your information.

I think next time MS should make a banner or other way to be more informed about such changes to the admin users. Instead of just send email with Feature ID...
Totally agree. I can't find anything about it in Message center either but have been told there's a MC number for the change. MC280292.
The documentation is being updated as we speak, hopefully it will be published soon

@Little_Joe Hello, they listened.