Make a file in MS teams only open in Desktop App

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Hi, I have an Excel sheet with 1/2  data for the whole team to see and 1/2 only management to see. I have got this to work using macro code and password protecting the sensitive contents in the sheet. This document is intended to be a live document and live in Teams however when users open the file by default it opens in the web browser version, within teams which doesn't support the macro's therefore making all the content visible to all.


Is there a way I can make this file open only in the Desktop app so that it works properly? Or is there any other way around this?


Many thanks

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I figured out this workaround...

if you it the "+" and select Sharepoint,any sharepoint site then paste a sharepoint URL in the following style... Documents/General
it will "replicate" the files tab, but all excel and word files will open in app, NOT Teams.

you can also add to the URL to use a subfolder if you want

you also need to make sure that the actual sharepoint site is setup to open in default apps.


Thanks Scott, will test this out now. Great workaround!

@Forrest505 The biggest drawback is you lose functionality oy the "..." menu, but if opening word an excel files is the priority, then you should be pretty happy with it. I have been using it this way for several months in our organization.