Documents posted to assignments all show blank

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So far all of the assignments that I have uploaded to assignments given to me by a teacher all come up blank. My Word documents are automatically saved to a One Drive account given to me by Miami Dade Public Schools. Some of my classmates upload in the same way I do, and the teacher is able to view their work. Does the teacher have to have access to the One Drive account document? Or is there a way to save my files public rather than private?

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My son is facing similar issue. He turns assignments and the teacher receives the Word document blank.
He uses the original document file name when turning the assignment.
The steps he follows:
- download the document locally to the default download folder
- move it to a specific class folder locally
- work on the assignment & saves it
- upload the document and turn in the assignment

Is there anything/setup that is causing this?
Many thanks in advance for your feedbacks/replies