Can't Connect to Teams Desktop

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Good afternoon,


Suddenly, Teams desktop stopped working for me. I would try to sign in on both personal and work and would just get these to errors (attached to the thread). It would then just ask me to sign out or restart. I reached out to support. Through a remote session the agent uninstalled and reinstalled teams, and deleted the teams folder. The agent then suggested to post this thread and wait for an admin's reply. The web page version work fine. Please advise. Thank you.Teams After Log In Attempt.pngTeams After Work Log In Attempt.pngTeams After Personal Log In Attempt.png

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Hi @mikem2ns  This isn't a tech support site (so I'm not sure why the support person would ask you to post here), although most of the members of the community are expert users and can offer tips and tricks on common issues.  After the support call, did the app work on the desktop again?