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Hello Everyone.

I am owner of a team channel. Mainly my work is to add or remove a member from our teams group as assigned by higher management. The main thing I want to discuss is whenever I add or remove a member in that particular group, a message appears in the group says "ABC has added XYZ

to the team" or "ABC has removed XYZ from the team". I am searching for the option where I can turn off User Join/Remove notifications for the group members. My Manager only wants that members of that particular group/team should only see important notifications in the group.


Any assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.




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Hi, this is not possible at the moment, but you can add your name to the  User Voice which is under review by Microsoft which you can find here.  https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/35515990-users-added-to-team-l...

Thanks @PeterRising 


For sure I will do the same.

There’s no way of doing this as of now! A new feature will soon come to not show these announcements in the conversation area but instead in another space.

Sorry, missed your reply :)

@adam deltinger 


Hey, no worries man, hope you are well. :smile:

Yeah... actually for some reasons we have removed all member from that group and almost after 2 months we have re-added them plus new hired as well. We are also looking for to hide history of the team from all members but so far no joy. Microsoft has to do alot. @PeterRising