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Have met issue while presenting my screen in video conference. The other user pressed also share his screen, so my screen sharing option was disabled. Is there any possibility to limit who can share screen? For example allow to share screen only for presenter or meeting owner not for all members during video call?







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Actually there is an option in the meetings policy to disable sharing, so internally you could set these differently! But these are not related or care about who is the organizer! So it might not be a good idea either!
Also, people without assigned policies like guests, anon users , federated etc inherits the orginizers policy , which in this case should be set to allowed which will also just go against the idea


did you find a solution?


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If you schedule the meeting from Outlook you have the option to change the meeting options for that specific meeting



Click on "Meeting options".


From here you can change who can bypass the lobby and who is able to present. 

Default for my organization it is set as below: 


Changing the "Who can present" from "Everyone" to "Specific people" or "Only me" will do the trick for you :)


Only you will be able to present. 


Let me know if this fixed your problem :) 

Hi@Mitchell Bakker 


Thank you, worked for a meeting, half a problem solved.

And for a Team created in Teams? Is there a option?

We are a University and wish to use in a classroom environment.


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@Mitchell Bakker 

When online classes are going on,  students can minimise the screen and then they are able to share their screens.  This is done inspite of making the presenter "only me" in meeting options. 

How to prevent this? 

The admin of the tenant can change the policy. I wrote a blog on this feature, see:

Let me know if this fixed it for you and if it does, please accept it as solution.

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Great, thanks a ļoti for your solution!

@Mitchell Bakker  Can those options be made available at the Tenant level by my Admins? 
When I click on the meeting options I am greeted with a notification 'Only meeting organizers can make changes' in a new browser window.


That is a good question as I have a similar problem.


I have guest screen sharing "Not-enabled": Teams admin centre > Org-wide settings > Guest access > Meeting (for guests) > Screen sharing mode > "Not-enabled". But it works absolutely counterintuitive and gives a buggy experience.  Whether I add a registered guest or a guest with conventional Skype to the meeting, they are able to share a screen easily.


Would be great to fix it.