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I use Teams video meetings to hold online lectures, and sometimes I want the camera to focus on a piece of paper I am drawing or writing onto. Unfortunately, the camera autofocus is an issue here, as when I am writing or drawing, it tries to focus on my hand, which is disturbing (as reported by my students). How can I turn it off? I use an Ipad with the Teams app. When recording a video (with the built-in camera app, not in Teams), I can turn autofocus off by tapping on the screen for 2-3 seconds, but this does not work in a video call. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


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Have found a solution to this?  It's been 4 months now, I'm disappointed there have been no replies by the community.   This feature also makes some of our users seasick and force s to differ to using Zoom instead of the Teams meetings.



If you're disappointed in the whole community, why haven't you answered as a member of that community?


I would imagine there is no current way to create a focus lock in the Teams iPad app, but I don't have an iPad to test, doesn't work on my iPhone. It's the same experience in the Zoom app and Facetime, maybe the Focus Lock isn't something that Apple expose to client apps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Thank you Mr. Collier for your unconstructive attack.  I just joined this community and I think I will now disjoin it.  I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been an answer to this issue yet, and this community also includes Microsoft which I would hope would pay attention to the issues being brought up in the community.  As for the community, this question was asked 4 months ago, leaving the original poster with no feeling he was even heard.   Have there been any other mentions about turning off the camera focus feature?  Or how about controls for camera orientation as this is also a feature we would like control over.  And, what’s with the iPad reference?  We aren’t using an iPad or any other IOS device, our issue and question is about turning the camera subject focus.  Maybe you haven’t noticed that the camera will center on a subject in the frame using some kind of image processing AI that makes some folks viewing it seasick.  Can this be turned off?  You have (MVP) next to your name, can you answer this question?



@SKnowles71 you have a very strange view of community, no one here is obliged to answer questions, some are very specific and no one has anything valuable to add. If you want support from Microsoft raise a support request in your admin portal.


You can disable the centering of people in videos by selecting Fit to Frame as per https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/adjust-your-view-in-a-teams-meeting-9825091c-0e7d-4c2b-95... 

@hetamas  Also in my opinion, this is an extremely important feature in teams (for lecturers like me) that shoud be included in an advanced camera control section of the camera app. Maybe also resolution and frame rate should be selectable.



Though I don't use an iPad I've had a similar issue with the LifeCam Cinema - auto-focus very distracting. Within the MS Teams app if you click the ellipsis on the application banner (beside your name) > go to Settings > Devices > Camera > Open Camera Settings > Select the Camera Control tab > Untick Auto focus > Apply.

This resolved my issue, hopefully it will resolve yours.

this worked for me as well, unticking the "Focus" box