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Would like the ability to set a default spotlight for a meeting (in advance) such as to spotlight the meeting organizer. 

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Teams meetings has been redesigned to bring shared content and center and highlight active speakers. When you join teams meetings, teams smartly anticipates what you'll want to see and resize participant thumbnails and content based on the scenario.

    • However, as a meeting organizer, you can manually spotlight yourself during the meeting. Here's how you can do it:

      1. Schedule the meeting:

        • Log in to your Microsoft Teams account on the web or desktop client.
        • Go to the "Calendar" tab.
        • Click on "New Meeting" or select an existing meeting you've scheduled.
        • Fill in the meeting details, including the date, time, and participants.
        • Save the meeting.
      2. Join the meeting as the organizer:

        • At the scheduled meeting time, join the meeting using the Teams client.
        • You will enter the meeting as the organizer/host.
      3. Spotlight yourself during the meeting:

        • Once you are in the meeting, locate the participant list or gallery view.
        • Find your video feed, which should be labeled as the meeting organizer.
        • Hover over your video feed or right-click on it.
        • Look for the option to "Spotlight" or "Pin" your video.
        • Click on that option to spotlight yourself.

      By manually spotlighting yourself during the meeting, you ensure that your video feed remains prominent for all participants. 





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