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Hi all!


For a customer, I'm looking for a dashboard which will show him a simple overview of all of his incoming and outgoing calls in Teams. As the Teams app for Windows is only showing a short list of recent calls history, I'm looking for a report which allows the customer to pick a date period (let's say all the calls in September) and extract all the calls for that period. I don't need a dashboard for the call quality, but just a simple dashboard like this example below:


Telephone number

Incoming/outgoing call


Destination (UPN of user)



This specific customer is using Teams as their VoIP solution, as in, Teams is set up for their auto-attendant, call queues and resource accounts. I've read about PowerBI reports which could come close, but I wasn't able to create such a report/dashboard.


As said, I'm looking for a simple overview which I can use to gain the call statistics per user or all users at once. A .csv file would also do, but a dashboard in for example PowerBI could also work. Just to be sure, I only need a dashboard/report for the incoming and outgoing (phone) calls, not the Team meetings.


Looking forward to your feedback, please let me know if you need any more information! Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Koen_RealConnections,

to set up a personalized Microsoft Teams calls dashboard for an individual user, you can leverage Teams Utilization Power BI reports to access data from the Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard (CQD):

  1. Microsoft Teams Analytics & Reports: Explore the usage reports in the Microsoft Teams admin center, allowing you to retrieve call data. Specify a date range and generate the report to obtain the necessary data.

  2. Power BI: Utilize Power BI for data analysis and visualization of Microsoft Teams data. Install the Power BI app for Teams, choose "Create," and select "Analyze your Teams data." Power BI will automatically generate a report, accessible through the Power BI Teams app.

  3. Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) Templates: For in-depth analysis of call quality data, leverage Microsoft's CQD Power BI templates. These templates are customizable and can be shared with individuals in your organization holding Power BI licenses and CQD admin permissions.

  4. Filtering by User: Within Power BI, enhance your report by adding a user-specific filter. Integrate a slicer in your report and configure it with the user's User Principal Name (UPN) to display call statistics exclusively for that user.

You can use this links for more information:
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@Koen_RealConnections In Teams admin, under Analytics and Reports, then Usage reports, select PSTN and SMS Report, it will give you the data you are looking for.