Click-to-dial/Click-to-call for phone numbers written in a teams chat

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Hey everyone,

does anyone know if there is a way to set up click-to-dial for phone numbers written in a chat in Microsoft Teams?


What I mean by that is as follows:

- Someone sends you a number in a teams chat.

- You click on that number in the teams chat (because it is a click-to-dial link).

- Teams is calling that number.


Right now if someone sends a number in a teams chat, I have to copy that number and paste it into the calling-field in "Calls" in order to start a phone call.



We have started using Microsoft Teams as our PSTN-calling service at the beginning of the year and are still figuring things out.

We have set up a "missed calls team" and in the chat of that team our front desk staff (who is screening calls for absent colleagues) is writing every missed phone call and the colleague who has to return the call.

In order to return calls, colleagues have to copy and paste the number as described above, but it would be great if all of those phone numbers were instead automatically turned in to click-to-call-links in the "missed calls team"-chat.


Any advice is welcome!




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Hi @CamillaZ,

To set up click-to-dial for phone numbers written in a chat in Microsoft Teams, you can use a feature called "Click-to-Call" or leverage the integration with a compatible calling system. Here's how you can do it:

1. Confirm Calling Integration: Ensure that your organization has integrated Microsoft Teams with a compatible calling system or a telephony provider. Click-to-dial functionality relies on this integration.

2. Enable Click-to-Call: Verify with your IT department or system administrator that click-to-call functionality is enabled for your organization. They might need to configure the necessary settings or permissions.

3. Format Phone Numbers: When writing phone numbers in a chat message, make sure they are formatted correctly. Use the standard international format, including the country code, area code, and the actual phone number. For example, "+1 123-456-7890" for a US number.

4. Enable Live Links: Ensure that live links are enabled in your Teams settings. To do this:
- Click on your profile picture or initials in the top right corner of the Teams application.
- Select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.
- In the settings menu, choose "Privacy" from the left-hand side panel.
- Under the "Messages" section, toggle on the "Allow live links" option.

5. Click-to-Dial Functionality: Once you've completed the above steps, phone numbers written in a chat message should automatically turn into clickable links. You can click on these links to initiate a call using your integrated calling system.

6. Initiate the Call: When you click on a phone number link, Teams will typically open your integrated calling system or the default calling app associated with your organization. From there, you can confirm the call and proceed with the conversation.

Remember that the availability and specific steps for click-to-dial functionality may vary depending on your organization's setup, calling system integration, and administrative configurations. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, it's recommended to reach out to your IT department or system administrator for guidance.




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Hi @Deleted,


thank your very much for your reply.


Regarding step 2: I am the system admin for teams, but I could not find any setting or permission to do with Click-to-Call in the Microsoft365 Teams admin-center.  We do have a compatible PSTN-provider connected to teams and are able to call external PSTN-numbers. Do you know where in the admin center such a setting would usually be?


Regarding step 4: There is no messages section under "privacy" and no "allow live links" option in my teams, but that is probably because I could not complete step 2.