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I need to determine how much storage is used for Teams chats including attachments. I need this for both chats and channels.  Ideally, I would use existing admin reports but I can also write PS scripts.

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Hi @ChristianJBergstrom,


Thanks for the link.  That article contains a lot of useful information but doesn't talk specifically about how to determine how much storage is currently in use. (Remember, I need to know how much storage is used specifically by chats.)  It possibly points to the beginning of the answer since it tells where things are stored but doesn't describe the process for adding the current size of all the locations.


I think the answer will probably be to write some PS scripts to get the storage metrics for both SP Teams sites, (for channels), and all online mailboxes that contain user/group chats.


Please let me know if you run across any other clues.



Teams chats are stored in the user's mailbox (either active or autoprovisioned shadow mailbox) They are generally quite small, and non-consequential for most people.
Chats are stored in Azure, Cosmos DB, with small records being written to mailboxes for compliance.
Thanks. I'll see if that helps.

@Mark_Block I see you marked best response, so what was it? :)

The MS article you provided gave clues to other articles that lead to the answer. Channel chat storage is in SP and storage reports gave a good answer. User and Group chats are in the user mailboxes and required some PS script work to examine all mailboxes and sum the size of all the appropriate mailbox folders.
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Channel chats 'records' are actually written to the group mailbox, but attachments being stored in SharePoint ;) and just for the record for anyone else reading this, 1:1 and group chat attachments are stored in OneDrive.


Misunderstanding from the beginning @Mark_Block Thought you literally were after chat storage, not attachment storage in chats/conversations.