Chat options not available - Teams App for Mac

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Hi there,


I'd love some help here.


I'm using a 64 bit iMac (2021) running the very latest version of MS Teams (October 2021) using MacOs Big Sur 11.6


When I join a meeting as a guest via the app I can't access the chat.


There is no chat bubble visible in my bar next to the sharing tray.  And when people in the meeting send chats I can't see them.


When I join the same meeting as a guest via my browser, the chat bubble and chat options show up just fine.


So I'm imagining that the issue is with my Mac and how the Teams App is running on it.


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this please?


Many thanks




p.s. incidentally this happened the other day the other way round, when I was hosing a meeting and those who were joining me couldn't see the chat options (but I could).  This may be co-incidence or may be connected.

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