Channels 2.0 does not update new channel name in desktop client

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Hello, we have an admin service account that uses MS Graph APIs to rename "empty" channels in a Team to a specific topic. The current workflow with Channels V1 has been working well, i.e, the desktop client reflects the renamed channel name as expected.



Upon switching the desktop client to use Channel 2.0, all the channels have the names prior to the rename operation (I can verify that the same channel has been renamed successfully from my MS Teams web client.)
I can safely assume that this is some sort of caching bug on the desktop client because when I click on a particular channel that has not been renamed, it updates to the new name automatically.


Desktop client (Windows screenshot, but I can confirm that Mac users have the same issue) - Channels are wrongly showing duplicate generic names (incident Response 1..5) instead of the renamed topic name

Desktop client-wrong channel namesDesktop client-wrong channel names


Web client- Confirmation that the channels (blurred) are properly renamed 

Web clientWeb client

Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

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