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Hi all,


As a project manager, I'm happily using emoji at the start of my channel names to make quick navigation easier - the teams members have responded positively. I generally also sort my channels logically, based upon project phases. However, for the life of me, I can't determine how Teams sorts the emoji (which are the first character in each Channel name). I've looked at unicode values, decimal values, but nothing seems to consistently apply. Does anyone know? I'd like to avoid prefixing with "1-" and "2-" and so on, to force the sort.


Thank you in advance for your feedback!




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Hi @chadbrack2020 ,


Now that is an interesting use of Emojis. I would have to say though, that I don't think Emojis would have ever been planned for this purpose and therefore the results probably will be random.


I know it is a bit of a different way of doing things but do you have any more joy utilising the command bar and its search facility across the top to achieve a similar thing to the sort or at least narrow down the choice of channels.











Yep agreed that it may be unusual (although I've seen several blogs in which people do it). When users are confronted with a lot of teams, and then channels within, the emojis provide an easy way to differentiate. (And they're used consistently across teams).


You may be right about the random sorting. But, since the non-emoji channels are sorted alphabetically, and you can also use Alt-characters to sort as well, I assumed there was some underlying logic to it.


Yep - we do also use the Search bar as well. It doesn't exactly accomplish the same goal, but it's certainly handy.


Appreciate the feedback!



In the meantime, any more insights on this topic?

I have the same challenge.

There must be some kind of logical sorting?


Appreciate your feedback,


Jeroen db

Hi @jdebrabander - no, unfortunately, I've not been able to find any answer on this yet.

Came to this relatively old threat with exactly the same question and wanted to leave a record for followers.  I think the order is just determinated by two rules:

a) emojis have a higher rank than any regular (ASCII) character

b) emojis are sorted by their Unicode representation (


In my case, the "top channels" carry the following emoji (top to bottom):


U+1F31F (glowing star)
U+1F36A (cookie)
U+1F399 (studio microphone)
U+1F47C (baby angel)
U+1F4FB (radio)