Cannot read Team Error message

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Anyone else having problems reading error messages in Teams. I tried to simply move a file to a different folder, by clicking on the ... and selecting Move, and then selecting the Team's folder, and I get this error. But I dont know what it is. Clicking on the "i" just makes it disappear. 



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Just tried to rename a folder. Received another error message is a different format, but still cannot read the thing!! :(


Why is this error formatted differently than the other? Is this product fully baked?






I have the same issue...did anyone have a solution?

No. No one has responded :(

@StephenEPatton I'm having the same issue. No clue what to do with this..





After getting this issue I just went to SharePoint directly and tried the same operation, expecting that SharePoint would give me a readable error message. As it turns out, SharePoint just performed the operation without any error at all. I would suggest for anyone else to try the same approach.