Can't sign up for teams free classic org

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Has Microsoft closed the new signups for Teams free (classic) or? Whenever I try to signup for the free version, it redirects me to the login page of teams personal. Some features are missing in the personal version like creating or joining teams, channels, 3rd party app integration or Azure AD which makes the personal version less interesting.
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Make sure to use an InPrivate browser session or a separate browser profile when signing up.

@ChristianJBergstrom This doesn't work! When I put my gmail or outlook email on the respective field, it redirects me to the personal version of Teams and asks me to sign in. After signing in, I land on the personal version of teams, not the free (classic) org version.

Did you follow this?

"Before you get started, it's important that you make sure you're logged out of any Microsoft accounts. An even better way is to use an Incognito browser window (or possibly Private or inPrivate, depending on your browser). That will make sure you aren't logged in to any accounts when you start this process."

If no luck perhaps create a new account for your Teams free org?
Yes, I followed all the procedures listed on the website but it's still the same. Should I guess Microsoft stopped the new sign ups for the Teams free (classic)?

@nur_nobi1 I am experiencing the same issue. I did not like the domain name ([domainname] of my old org, so I cancelled my Teams free (classic) subscription and deleted its Azure AD in order to sign up again, following the instructions provided on Create multiple Teams Free (classic) organizations. However, when I try to sign up now, it redirects me to the login page of Teams personal. A 365 representative told me that Teams free (classic) has recently stopped being offered and existing uses will have to downgrade to personal or upgrade to a paid business subscription. Not sure if this is accurate.

Thank you for your reply. Apart from its availability to new users, is there any information about existing users? Will they be able to permanently use it, or they will have to upgrade to a paid one or move to the new version (as the link you mentioned specifies)?
AFAIK if you’re already using a Teams free classic org. you’re good. I still have mine created ages ago.
Sadly I just cancelled my free classic org because I didn't like its directory domain and an Azure engineer told me I could totally sign up with it again with a new org... The customer service is so inconsistent

I was told by a 365 representative that existing users will be forced to move on, as I mentioned in a post above, but I have no way to verify this.

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Do you know if those already using a classic Teams free tenant will be ”shut down” or can they continue to use that going forward?



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Teams Free (Classic) will continue to run for a while as long as you already have a tenant. All new sign-ups will go to our new platform moving forward, but as long as you have one, you shouldn't expect to see a force cutover until we announce something for those tenants.
My man :) thanks!

Well, it looks like the 365 customer service is being inconsistent again that it told me false information regarding the existing users of Teams free (classic). The Azure engineer who promised me that "You will be able to sign up with a new Microsoft Teams Free (classic) subscription after you delete the current tenant" replied "It is out of my scope" and kicked the responsibility to the 365 service team to defend himself as I told him I couldn't sign up any more. I angrily replied that out of his scope really was not a valid disclaimer - if it was out of his scope, he shouldn't make such false promise in the first place.

Apart from the unpleasant experience with the inconsistent customer service, I did find that Microsoft 365 F1 would be a perfect alternative. It costs only US$2.25/month, but has 1TB SharePoint storage (amazing!!!), which Teams and Teams apps utilize. Its 2GB OneDrive storage doesn't bother me at all cause I have Microsoft 365 Family with 1TB, and Teams doesn't even use OneDrive storage anyway.