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A couple of my users have reported they've started seeing their recent calls appear in the chat screen. I can't figure out how to disable this and it doesn't seem to do it for everyone. Has anyone come across this before and is it possible to stop it. It's the entries which start +44 that are the issue. There's no actual chat






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No I wasn't. Vendor just confirmed MS fixed the issue on their end.
HI Aweswalker,

Our SIP provider said it was an issue on the Microsoft end and that MS resolved it.
Sign out and sign back in seems to fix it for the end user.
Looks like a sign out and back in has resolved the issue for my users as well. Thanks guys
Are your users still showing as working today? 2/3 of my users who were affected and appeared 'fixed' on Friday have the same issue happening again today.
I've signed out multiple times. It was never fixed on my end and I still believe the bug exists....very annoying to hide every call coming into my chat screen
here we still have the same problems :(

We have some users reporting the same issue.

I have kept an eye on this thread for a few days and waited to see if the reported MS fix comes through and sorts it for us, but our users are still reporting an issue.

Just logged it with MS

Hi all,


We are having the same issue.


Can anyone provide a ticket number as I would like to log one too and attach that number to mine so the agent I speak to has a clue as to what to do.



I logged it with Microsoft yesterday, Ticket Case #: 30660414 - however I'm not sure how much help it would be, the Microsoft Agent I'm dealing with is currently telling me it's a Computer \ User profile issue and I need to get them to use a new local account. I pointed him to this thread showing we're not the only people with this issue.
Interestingly there maybe something in what the Microsoft agent is saying. I've got two accounts having this issue where I got them to login to Teams on my computer (I don't have the issue) - then sign back in to their computer and they no longer seem to be having the issue. Need to monitor a bit more and do more testing to be sure it's fixed for them but it's looking promising.
The Microsoft Agent has now confirmed that this is a known bug, and advised that a Fix is expected to be rolled out to all tenants in the next 4-6 weeks.
How is the monitoring on this going? I am wonder if it worked for your users.
Turned out that the issue wasn't resolved for my users. It's a little bit strange as I don't get the issue on my machine, I can log in to the same call queue's and take calls but don't get the chats and when I get users to login to my machine they don't appear to get the issue either - however once logged back on to their own machines, despite my initial test calls not generating chats they later reported that they were still getting them.

As advised above the Microsoft agent I was dealing with has advised that it's a bug, that they say a fix should be applied for in the next 4-6 weeks.
I have just developed a habit of signing out of my teams at the end of each business day, and logging back in the next morning. All the chats produced from taking calls disappear. It seems this is the best temporary solution. My chats do grow during the day but are not growing from day to day. It's tedious but works.
Thank you for sharing what your workspace is experiencing and trying.
My Teams updated a couple days ago and I have not signed out or back in. Appears that the chats created from calls has been resolved on my desktop!

My Teams is also back to normal this week



Can you provide the ticket number, I had a first report of this issue today and I want to open a ticket with MS support and ask for an update on ETA for a resolution



Apologies John_Mc65 - only just spotted this - my ticket number was Ticket Case #: 30660414 - however MS Support closed that ticket down as they advised it had been identified and a fix was in the pipeline to be implemented.

I did find that this issue was fixed a week or two back, so I guess we got the fix MS promised.




I was told yesterday by my engineer that the update they were rolling out for this issue is being recalled, its out to 25% worldwide. 


My user that had the issue has the new (buggy) update but they are not having the issue either. So I don't know what to think.


Interesting - I'll wait for my users to start complaining about the Chat for every call again then.

I assume they've got the update as it just stopped happening a few weeks after speaking to Microsoft. So far as I know we've had no other issues reported as a result of the update.