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A couple of my users have reported they've started seeing their recent calls appear in the chat screen. I can't figure out how to disable this and it doesn't seem to do it for everyone. Has anyone come across this before and is it possible to stop it. It's the entries which start +44 that are the issue. There's no actual chat






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Same here. 

Environment: 3rd Party VOIP via Teams.

Incoming call queue calls drops either the number or "Just me" as a new chat.


Not only affecting our staff, but clients we resell to as well.


@Microsoft Support please sort this, Our phones are off the hook with complaints.

I have been advised by Microsoft that this is a new feature! Not sure we actually want it?! There also appears to be no way to turn this feature off. The response I received on my ticket is:

I would like to inform you that incoming call queue number showing in chat tab on Teams client is a new feature in teams client.

This new feature will allow call queue agent to chat with customers.

This is to inform you that incoming call queue number in chat tab is an expected behavior and Microsoft are working to enhance users experience in Teams client.

Best Regards


Microsoft 365 Support Engineer

What a load of BS - that smells of someone who doesn't want to investigate further!

How do you chat with someone who has made a normal telephone call! Also, if it is a new feature, why only roll it out to the desktop client, not the web!


I received an even more bogus response than that.

@KevinJParker  - A feature that can't be used by maybe 50% of the callers? Classic Microsoft feature. 

Any other confirmation from Microsoft that this is a feature rather than a bug? Our receptionists are starting to see it since they're Direct Routing call queue agents.

@IplayanITguyonTV Interesting. What did they tell you?


I have gone back to Hammed to ask for more information about this new 'feature'? How are we supposed to use it? Why isn't it in the web version? etc

It may just be a generic thing they say when they open the case. Surely I am going to get something else. I just know I waited all day for this:
Hope you are doing good.

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Support. My name is Jyotish. I am the Support Professional who will be working with you on this Service Request.

I am providing you with a copy of our scope agreement below for this support request. It details what I will focus on and under what specific conditions we will consider the request resolved.

If the Microsoft products involved are found to be working as intended, or the cause of the issue is determined to be the result of a third-party application, we will assist in finding a resolution. However, if no solution can be found this support request will be considered resolved.

Root cause analysis are not covered on this level of support but we will provide clarification as much as we can in best effort.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you for choosing Microsoft.

I responded to this and I have yet to hear a thing...



Sounds a lot like they are prepping for a "tough **bleep**" response.

I have been following along for a while, experiencing the same issues, following the same trouble shooting. There are a couple things that I have found that I haven't seen mentioned.
I have the Teams Mobile app, and it shows the same multitude of "Just Me" or number titled chats. So I am getting the same response on my phone.

Also, I have noticed a change when answering phone calls. Instead of answering and going to the generic figure in the dialog box of the call, I now am often seeing my own picture and it says "Waiting for others to join the call...", even though I am actively talking with the caller. Not sure if that is related or not, but it is there.

I would like to know who supposedly asked for this "feature" for it to be something important enough for Microsoft wanted to bless us with. (Heavy sarcasm font enabled)


I've had confirmation from MS that this is a bug, it has been fixed and will be rolled out to the general ring in the next 4-6 weeks.

Thanks @JasonRUK
Lets hope it's sooner. My users are going crazy about it
Yep, this is the information that I have just received from the original engineer who told me that it was a new 'Feature'!

Hammed (Microsoft)
Monday, April 4, 2022 3:00 PM GMT
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback.

The fix for this issue has already been rolled out and it is expected to get to affected user's end in 2 months.

Some affected users are already receiving the updates, the estimated time for all affected users is 2 months.

Best Regards
I'm grateful to hear that there is a fix in the pipeline, but my staff use teams ALL THE TIME and waiting up to 2 months is not tenable for them. Hoping we can find a way to push the update sooner.
Has anyone experienced or heard if this fix will affect the mobile platform?
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Hi All,

The latest update from our SIP vendor, they said Microsoft resolved the issue on their end. We had to get our users to log out and log back into Teams. The calls no longer appear in the chat history.

Hi Ian.

Don't suppose you were able to extract any information regarding the fix. I wonder if there's a power shell script we can run to clean the calls up.


@Ian Lord Just to clarify - Your SIP provider found a fix, or Microsoft devs found a fix and deployed to all? Just wondering if this is a result for everyone...



I logged of my users from the Teams application and closed Teams afterwards. When u restart Teams, and the user re logges on, it seems the issue is disappeared.

@KevinJParker do not want this feature. what a waste of time. Needs to be an option only that needs to switched on if required.

Yes it is fixed by logging in and out! so glad!