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I would like to switch from using Zoom to Microsoft Teams but, unfortunately, the way it is currently set up makes it so that I can't. We often have large meetings with 10+ breakout rooms (sometimes up to 30) and hosts need to jump between rooms to ensure everything is going alright and everyone is staying on track. This can't happen in Teams, as it doesn't allow co-hosts at all, so only the meeting organizers can move between rooms. Is there any way to set other hosts to be able to co-host with you? Preferably people that do not have to belong to your organization, as often the co-hosts might not be on the same account as I am.

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@paul keijzers  Thank you. I just voted.

@JPugs  This is proving to be a real issue for my organization as well. I do hope that they add this function soon.

Just voted is this currently in the roadmap?

@JPugs same problem here. Voted as well.


"Yes, engineering is working on providing support for presenters to control breakout rooms (in addition to the organizer role)."

@ChristianBergstrom Hi, so do you have any workaround until it gets implemented in Sep 2021?

Hi, haven't heard anything new but as mentioned above (my former account) they are providing support to presenters (Teams role, see below) to control breakout rooms. The co-org role is scheduled for September though.

Best way would probably be to follow info provided in Message center (admin portal) or by looking at this page occasionally

@JPugs Did anyone come across any temporary solution yet? Would it, for example, be possible to have multiple people log in with your credentials?

Hello, as mentioned. If using the Teams roles the "Presenter" can do many things, but when it comes to managing breakout rooms that is not completed yet.

See this conversation:

"Yes, engineering is working on providing support for presenters to control breakout rooms (in addition to the organizer role)."

Meaning, it will be possible not only for the organizer but also the presenter/s to manage breakout rooms (see link above for Teams roles) in addition to the co-organizer role being scheduled for September.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks for your quick response. I guess we will have to wait for the 'Presenter' role to be able to manage breakout rooms.


My question: in the mean time, is there an alternative to make it possible for BOTH 'Organizer' and 1 specific attendee to switch between breakout rooms? For example, by using the same credentials to log in two times through the Organizer account?

Hello, you can be in multiple meetings with one account just not in the same meeting as there's only one identity so this approach will fail.
I agree. This is exactly what many faculty members at our institute want: The class size can be very big and the faculty would need TAs (Teaching Assistants) to help monitor breakout room discussions and answer questions. It is important to have TAs being able to move around breakout rooms, in addition to the instructors. Is there an ETA on how soon this feature can be realized? Thanks.
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Thanks for the information!