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Dear all,

Ms shift is a very nice tool to be used with Teams. However I was wondering if few more functionality could be added to make it more useful.

1. If it can be supported with Bot features where team can clock in and clock out in the channel with the help of bot. This ways  other team member can know who has logged in and whether any member is on break or not. They can also check their today work status with the help of bot..

2. A single button reporting to show which members are currently active on the desk who many of them have taken break or logged out.


I believe these two features will help in reducing extra efforts made by managers / team member to know the status of other members available



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Hi @akhetan83

Would recommend opening uservoices for these feature requests here

By opening uservoices, get as many people to vote on them as possible to push them up the agenda and then they will come to the attention of the product and engineering teams. Microsoft will then notify you if they get picked up. I would vote on them - sound like good well thought out adds

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris